Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Update on new album

I've been making progress on the new album. I think it should be finished before 2012. I want to release it as a free download on Bandcamp, along with a CD release, if any label is willing to go through with that and be okay with me distributing it for free online.

The album cover and the track "Traces" can be previewed here.

As for the CD release of Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes: apparently, there have been some troubles at the pressing plant which caused all sorts of delays.

Regarding this blog

After having recently created a Wilds Forlorn Facebook page, I decided I'm tired of all these social media networks. I've deactivated my personal Facebook page and will not be updating the Wilds Forlorn page on Facebook anymore. Also, MySpace is pretty much a dead medium now. I just need a simple webpage to post some news every now and then, to go along with the Bandcamp page where the music can be listened to and downloaded from. I won't actively be updating the other pages anymore.