Monday, January 16, 2012

An apology

Bandcamp allows each artist 200 free downloads to give away each month. Past that, the items are still available, but are automatically changed from free downloads into purchasable downloads. A few days ago, the number of free downloads I could give away on Bandcamp was exceeded. I had put up a message here, with an explanation and an alternative link to the album, but a few people might have missed it. I had already set the price to the minimum Bandcamp would allow, as a precautionary measure, so it was only €0.40, but still, I would like to make clear that I did not intend for anyone to have to pay for the album and have no intention of making money with Wilds Forlorn. I'd like to apologise to those who had to pay for the music. Today, Bandcamp bumped the free downloads back up to 200 again, so all albums are available for free again.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

We, the Damned released

We, the Damned is now available for free download here.

Lyrics and artwork are included in the download.

Best wishes for 2012.